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Why Every Modern Medical Organization Needs A Patient CRM

Why Every Modern Medical Organization Needs A Patient CRM

It is now well agreed upon by the medical community that an efficient and well responsive customer service is a necessary aspect for the success of any medical organization in the health care sector, especially for the private institutions.

It is unfortunate that many medical organizations today (particularly in the private sector) treat their patients as mere costumers and consider exploiting them financially for profit before even considering the main fact that they are patients seeking medical care.

And that’s what’s leading many of these medical organizations today to a stagnant YoY growth and lower profits.

Hospitals and medical organizations need to understand that patients are the core of the healthcare sector (not the Doctor) and their satisfaction is the key to the success of any medical organization whether public or private. Investing in and establishing an apprehensive and responsive customer service within any medical organization regardless of it’s size and capacity is essential to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure that a high-standard quality of care is given to the patients.

And that’s when a patient CRM comes in handy. In the world we live in today,

 All Medical Organizations Need To Integrate A CRM system within their administration. The CRM System Is Designed To Serve A Wide Array of Tasks And Activities within the medical organization (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centres Clinics, Investigation Labs…)

One Of The Most Important Features Of The CRM is the Ability To Record All Patient Data From The Moment They Enter The Hospital Reception So That The Patient’s File Includes All Their Data, Location Of their File, The Room In Which He Resides, Room Class, Facilities, And His Health Condition.

In the next section, we’ve Included For You Some Of the Most Important Tasks A Patient CRM System Can Preform For Your Medical Organization:

1_ Administrative Tasks :

It Is Possible To Record And Save All The Generic And Subsidiary Hospital Data Such As The Name Of The Hospital, Addresses, Services, Prices, Working Hours, Specialties, And Available Departments. In Addition To The Rooms, Doctors, Nurses, And All The Data Of The Work Team In The Hospital,
CRM can also help in Recording Everything Related To The Services Provided, Such As Operations, Treatment Units, Medical Programs, And Contracting Parties Such As Investigative Laboratories And Others.

CRM also gives medical organizations The Ability to Record All Patient Data, Symptoms, Results Of Examinations, Analysis And Reports, Doctor’s Instructions And Notes, And Manage Their Implementation Through The System, So That Doctors Can Immediately Follow Up On The Patient’s Condition And Its Development.

The System Offers Management the Ability To Add And Record Any Data In Special Files For Each Patient So That Doctors In The Future Can Return To That Data And View The Patients Health Record As Soon As Possible.
Through The System, Doctors Can Also Inquire About The Patient’s Condition By Name And Phone Number, And The Patients Case Can Even Be Transferred To Other Medical Departments If Necessary.

2_ Managing The Financial Aspects:

For the Patients :The Ability to Access And Manage Patients Hospital Accounts And Bills With all the details and intricacies needed
For The Doctors : Inquire About Revenues, The Number Of Reservations, Profits, And Extract The Operations Account For Doctors By Displaying The Data Of The Doctor, Patient, Entity, And Date.

3_ Medical Aspects Department:

Through The System, You Can Organize The Health And Treatment Process Of Patients In Medical Centres And Institutions, Through The Doctors’ Ability To Search For The Patient When Diagnosed By Name Or Number So That He Can Review The Patient’s File, Including The Results Of Examinations Or X-Rays.
Through The System, The Patient Can Be Transferred To Any Department Or Specialty Or Another Doctor And Determine The Type Of Due Care For The Patient, Such As Preparing The Patient Before The Operation And The Type Of Anaesthesia.

4_ Patient Relations Department:

Patients Can Book Appointments Online, And Doctors Can Confirm Or Cancel The Scheduling Of Registered Patients Appointments. taking Into Account The Working Hours Of Doctors And Official Holidays, Patients Can Even View The Offers And Book A Specific Offer, with The Possibility Of Booking More Than One Appointment For The Patient And Reminding  them Of All their Appointments Via SMS so they can Easily Know their Upcoming Appointments.

5– Reports and analytics :

The CRM System Extracts Detailed Reports And Performance Analysis, The Most Important Of Which Are:
_ Financial Reports For Net Profits And Sales.
_ Medical Reports On Diagnostic Units Such As Laboratory And Radiology.
_ Reports Of Performance Of Doctors And All Work Team.
_ Reports Of Surgical Results For Patients.
_Medical Records And Patient Files

To Conclude CRM Is one of the most essential tools any Modern Hospital or Medical Organization Should Add to their Administrative work so that they Can Run More efficiently, Prioritize their patients and grow their Business, Ultimately achieving The Long strived for Patient Centred Model of Care.

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