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We specialize in the digital transformation of all medical activities and support artificial intelligence in all our products .
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Poly Multi Care

“An All-Inclusive User Friendly Management Solution For Your Polyclinic”

Poly Multi Care: The Ultimate Polyclinic Management System

Poly Multi Care Clinic System is made for managing general and specialized clinics. It combines all major elements of the clinic in one place, and it offers easy access to the entire clinic’s operations from Anywhere and at any time. The system is customized to suit all medical specialties and clinic types.

Poly Multi Care puts all elements of cultural adaptation into account, not only in terms of language but also in terms of functionality of the system as well as its usability and interface.

Modules Included In The System :

Appointments & Calendar Management

Access the calendar, create apointments from social media, the website and the app. Get monthly appointment reports.

Admissions Management System

Fill-in important patient information (contact, insurance, medical), upload patient's documents and display past visits history records.

Treasury Transactions Management

Manage all financial transaction occurring at your Polyclinic with finesse and accuracy.

Discharging And Billing Management

Easily Manage patient discharging and billing in your polyclininc, create invoices and monitor all billing procedures from the system.

Electronic Medical Records

A detailed fully customizable medical sheet, to store all patient's medical data, Easily accessible with a click.

Claims Management

Issue detailed and exhaustive insurance claims, and follow-up on their collection and imbursement, all managed through the system.

Reports And Analytics

Generate periodic reports and analytics about your polyclinic's performance based on the data gathered by the system.

E- Invoice Integration

Integrate the E- invoice into the system, to be issued during the billing of patient's, as demanded by the Egyptian Tax Authority.

Insurance And Contracts Management

Manage all insurance and medical contracts providers dealing with your polyclinic.

Marketing Campaigns Management

Integrate and manage your polyclinic's marketing campaigns on social media using the system, generate reports and analyse your marketing performance.

Management Of Users And Authorities

Manage the number of users on the system, set authority levels, create customized medical sheets for each doctor in your polyclininc.

Fully Customizable E-Prescription

Write and print E-priscriptions with our Drug Dataset on the system, create custimized prescription sheets for each of the doctors in your polyclininc.

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