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Patient Registration Application


Patient Management System (PMS) consists of applications designed to enable service delivery managers and care providers to manage an individual or groups of patients as clients or customers in an efficient, responsive, flexible and customer-friendly manner with optimal use of resources. Indeed a better name for it would be the Client Management System but the terms mentioned above have gained popular use. The term ‘management’ here does not include the provision of services of looking after the patient’s health and illness. In that context the term ‘care’ is used.


The Patient Management System (PMS) has these components:

  1. Patient Registration Application
  2. Client-Resource Management
  3. Charging, Billing and Receipt of Payment System

The division of the system into various sub-systems and applications, listed below, are for the purpose of defining the scope. It would be preferable for these functionalities to be provided in a single integrated system with the exception of the Charging, Billing and Receipt of Payment where a third party application may be used if it is not already an integral part of the Patient Management System.

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