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We specialize in the digital transformation of all medical activities and support artificial intelligence in all our products .
We are distinguished by the after-sales service in the continuous development and maintenance of our products and the training of new employees in the institutions that deal with us.
We consider ourselves business partners for all customers .
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” One Of The Best Digital Innovations Specifically Made For The Management Of Large And Medium Sized Hospitals “

Orchid: Your Go-To Hospital Management Solution

Orchid is made for large and medium-sized hospitals that host between 120 to 500 beds. It integrates the hospital’s wide range of daily operations in one place and it allows management to track progress, issue administrative reports, and navigate through the hospital’s various divisions in a seamless manner. The sys-tem’s dynamic quality allows us to customize its features, functionality, and operation based on each client’s needs in terms of internal protocol and infrastructure. Orchid can serve more than two branches on one data centre.

Modules Included In Orchid:

Patient Management

Manage and operate all processes related to the patients within your hospital, from patient registrations to the management of the OR workflow, this module will digitalize the patient journey within the hospital.

Accounting Module

A complete and exhaustive accounting module for the management of all finances related to your hospital.

Supply Chain

A fully detailed supply chain management module, streamline all your supply chain processes. From managing your inventory to issuing procurement orders.

CRM Module

Manage all aspects related to customer relationship at your hospital and make sure your patients are satisfied with the service provided.

Human Resources

Manage all aspects related to the management of your hospital's workforce, from supervising attendance and payroll to the recruitment of new employees.

e Portal

Integrate an OVR system, ticket system and a task management portal within your hospital's system,


An entire module dedicated to the medical team, Includes the implementation of nurse stations and doctor desktops fully equipped with EMRs.

Kitchen Management

Every well-equipped hospital needs a management system for the kitchen, to ensure quality standards are maintained and no redundancies are present. All for the welfare of the patients.

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