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How the E-Invoice Will Change The Egyptian Healthcare Sector – For Good !

How the E-Invoice Will Change The Egyptian Healthcare Sector – For Good !

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve certainly noticed that Egypt is moving towards digitally transforming the different sectors and government facilities, whether it is in the healthcare sector, in commerce, or in the government’s civil registry services. From now on, digital is the new norm.

It is worth noting that Digitalization is one of the pillar objectives of the 2030 Vision, and that’s why it’s getting all the buzz and importance recently.

One of the latest and arguably the most exciting additions to this movement towards digitalization is the Implementation of the E- Invoice.
This new project by the Egyptian Tax Authority has already been implemented in some sectors and governorates, however it is expected to be fully implemented by Q2 2023 to include all sectors and all types of financial transactions occurring in Egypt.

The main purpose of the E- invoice is to document and review all financial transaction (by the Egyptian Tax Authority) and to eliminate the “unofficial economy”, which constitutes a whopping 60% of Egypt’s economy.

Whether you like it or not, the E- invoice policy will be implemented on medical practitioners as well as Healthcare service providers (hospitals medical centers, polyclinics…), Doctors will be required to register all financial transaction occurring at their workplace and to issue E- receipts to their patients. And that’s something the Egyptian healthcare sector has to prepare for in the next coming years.

Because we always care to offer Doctors and healthcare facilities the best solutions in their practice and to fulfil their evolving needs Ma3n For Digital Transformation has included the E- invoice issuing feature on all our softwares and healthcare solutions.

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