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We specialize in the digital transformation of all medical activities and support artificial intelligence in all our products .
We are distinguished by the after-sales service in the continuous development and maintenance of our products and the training of new employees in the institutions that deal with us.
We consider ourselves business partners for all customers .
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implementation of the new version of the Canna system in Dar El-Ayoun Hospitals

Management system for medical centers specialized in one-day surgeries
– implementation of the new version of the Canna system in Dar El-Ayoun Hospitals

Dar Al Oyoun, One of Egypt’s most renowned Ophthalmology Hospitals has proudly signed a deal with Ma3nsoft to implement the new version of Canna system. Dar El Oyoun boasts a wide range of hospitals and medical centers spanning across Egypt and Libya (13 branches) with their main branch located in Sheikh Zayed – 6th October city – Giza Province, Egypt.

Dar Al Oyoun is owned by highly specialized ophthalmologists as well as ophthalmic anaesthesiologists and managed by highly specialized and well experienced healthcare managers.

World-class staffing is one of the key pillars of success for Dar El Oyoun Eye Hospitals and centers (Almost 120 Professors, associate professors and Lecturers). Making sure top quality ophthalmic services are offered for all patients.

Our Most Powerful Integrated Information System Specifically Designed For The Small medium Hospital And Medical Center

We have been providing digital transformation services in Dar El-Ayoun hospitals for more than twenty years, and we follow up the operations and constantly develop our products in cooperation with the hospital managers.
Today marks the first day in the operations of a comprehensive and well-integrated version of the Canna system for the management of Dar Al Oyoun hospitals and surgical centers. 

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