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Ma3n Soft

Is a Liability Company that has been established in 2015 to be specialized in developing creative and cloud applications.

We aim to be unique and to deliver high quality apps that add a real value to our customers.

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Ma3n's Vision

We dream that one day the name "Ma3n" will be carved on the stone of software industry.

Ma3n Promise

Leading our customers to the top of their industry via solutions with the following charactaristics


Ensures that our product meets with standardized quality specifications and meets the Customer Needs.


Seeking to add innovative and non-traditional features.

User Experience

We always care about how a person feels when interfacing with a system such as ease of use,utility, efficiency in performing tasks and so forth.

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Smart Clinic

The smart choice for your clinic, whatever its size.

  • Full patient database with fast search Multi clinic setup Past medical history.
  • Unlimited number of diaries Manage diaries for practitioners.
  • Create and manage receipts Price list with stock Pricing by clinic, NHS, insurance & practitioner Manage payments.
  • Attach photos and x-rays Create and print prescriptions Clinical Sheet for every visit.
  • Comprehensive reports suite with charts Print and export reports to Excel Extended reports suite.

For more info visit Smart Clinic Website


  • 360 Dental Clinic
  • Sama Clinic
  • Dr. Amr Nayel Clinic
  • Lashein Clinic
  • Dar El Hayat Hospital
  • Dr. Ahmed Ashour Dental Clinic
  • Dar El Oyoun Hospitl
  • Esthetica-Maxillofacial & Dental Hospital
  • Dr. Islam El Shewehy Dental Center
  • Dr. Mohamed El Maasarawy Clinic
  • ISacn Center
  • Mas Medical Center
  • Al Assema Hospital
  • Ououn City Center
  • Solveda Factory